Clinical Services

Learn about the variety of clinical services offered by The Marsh

The Marsh Foundation offers an array of clinical services to clients. The services begin with a referral from a court system, a social service agency or a private party. Clinicians then gather information and then diagnose the severity and nature of the situation. This involves an intensive face-to-face clinical interview with the client. Then an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed with client input that includes a projection of the length of treatment and objective measurement of outcomes.

Plans can include individual counseling, group counseling, family services, community support programs and/or home-based services. Children that benefit from Clinical Services are behaviorally and emotionally challenged and/or are diagnosed with mental disorders. In addition, Marsh counselors specialize in reactive attachment disorder, dual diagnosis (intellectual disabilities and mental health) and bipolar disorder.


The Clinical Department

parneed 006The Marsh Foundation offers an array of clinical services to children and families. Services can include individual counseling, group counseling, family services, community support programs and home-based services. In addition, The Marsh offers specialized psychosexual assessments for male juvenile sex offenders. After being admitted into The Marsh’s JSO program, the youth begins to receive intensive treatment. The program includes group therapy sessions several times a week as well as intensive individual counseling focusing on the youth’s individualized treatment plan.

Trauma-Informed Care

parneed 007The clinical staff, as well as the group home staff at The Marsh Foundation, have undergone a variety of training relating to Trauma-Informed Care. Understanding traumas that have occurred to
children and the effects on their brains, help The Marsh staff to better facilitate treatment and achieve success and progress with the youth in the clinical and home settings.

Foster Care & Adoption

parneed 010 1The Marsh Foundation continuum of care includes Foster Care. These foster homes are specifically trained and supervised. This allows opportunities for youth to step down from the residential group home programs into foster homes that can help youth re-adjust to living within a traditional family. At the same time, these foster parents help to continue the treatment plan that
began while in the group home. In addition, we dually license families as both foster and adoptive homes. These homes are then legally able to provide placement for both foster and adoptive children in case they are open to the possibility of adoption in the future.

The JSO Program

parneed 008The Marsh Hall intensive treatment program is specifically designed for young males, ages 10 to 17, who have been adjudicated or have a history of sexual offending. The program utilizes Teaching-Family Model strategies in conjunction with a cognitive/behavioral therapeutic approach.

It is housed in an 8,000 square-foot group home where each youth has his own bedroom. There is a one to three staff to youth ratio which allows staff members to effectively implement behavior plans and monitor the youth at all times. Staff members routinely receive on-going specialized training and professional consultation.

 resfol 003Youth are involved in multiple counseling groups as well as individual therapy on a weekly basis. Treatment plans emphasize relapse prevention, understanding the cycle of abuse, sincere victim empathy, accepting full responsibility, emotional development and improving social skills. This program was one of the first in the state to be certified by Ohio’s Department of Youth Services to provide sex offender treatment services.

Our therapists are licensed by The Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, MFT board. You may verify this by clicking on the following link.