The mission of The Marsh Foundation is to inspire hope, to teach and to care for children and families.


Services Provided by The Marsh Foundation

  • On-campus group homes for males ages 10 - 17.
  • A specialized residential program for male juvenile sex offenders.
  • A strong network of foster homes and the ability to dually license homes for adoption if they so desire.
  • Clinical services, including individual counseling, group counseling, joint sessions with family, community support programs and/or home-based services.
  • On-campus school for youth in care.
  • Full-time activities program for youth.

Mr. George H. Marsh in his Last Will and Testament of Nov. 26, 1919, desired to create a foundation that would benefit youth, “who by reason of misfortune or any other cause are denied the opportunity for secure home training, education and instruction.” He further stated in the conclusion of his will, “I depart this life in the hope that the Foundation shall become an instrument of enduring and ever-increasing benefit to mankind.” This philosophy serves as the basis for the purpose and goals of The Marsh Foundation.

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