Garden Program

Growing healthy food and strong youth

About the Program

The garden crew at The Marsh consists of youth in the Independent Living program. The program is utilized to teach them many skills that they can take with them when they leave The Marsh.

The Marsh Grown youth garden program is dedicated to helping young people develop a sense of land stewardship and learn the importance of healthy food. Participants are taught valuable gardening skills through-out the season. In addition, the program serves as a catalyst for youth to develop important job skills for future employment.


About the Garden

The garden crew grows the vegetables and sells them at the farmer’s market for income. The garden focuses on using sustainable and organic growing methods. The youth learn the importance of building living soil to grow healthy food and in turn have healthy people. They learn the importance of growing along with nature. On-site compost is done to illustrate the natural cycle of feeding the soil.

A variety of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers are grown at The Marsh.

About the Garden Crew

Participants in Marsh Grown garden crew are youth who are a part of The Marsh Foundation’s Independent Living Group. They are all 15 ½ years of age or older and are working on skills that will help them be successful as adults. The garden program is an opportunity for them to interact with peers and adults, develop quality job skills and learn how to grow healthy food.